Russian imperialism is the biggest threat to Europe - Czech Foreign Minister

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Czech Republic calls Russia and its imperialism the biggest threat to Europe. Source: RAND Corporation

Czech Foreign Minister Jan Lipavský said that Russian imperialism is the biggest threat to Europe. That is why it is important for Ukraine to win the war unleashed by Russia, so Prague will support Kyiv as long as it is needed.

Lipavský said this on Friday, April 26, during a press conference after a meeting with his Hungarian counterpart Péter Szijjártó, Telex reports. He emphasized that it is in Europe's interest that Ukraine should be able to defend itself against Russian aggression and regain all its territories.

"This is not only a realistic but also a necessary goal if we do not want Russia to threaten us even more in the future. We must use force to prevent the redrawing of borders in Europe as it threatens international order, international stability and prosperity," Lipavský said.

He added that Russia's actions violate all basic principles of security, its military attacking nuclear power plants, seizing them and taking control. "So these are important security issues that we are talking about," the diplomat said.

"Currently, no one is doing more for the security of Europe than Ukrainians, so we support President Zelenskyy's peace plan and currently see it as the only realistic way to end the war," the minister emphasized.

He added that Ukraine must be a sovereign participant in any peace talks. Others must respect the principle of territorial integrity of our country, and the decision to end the war must be acceptable to Ukraine.

"The situation is not simple, we must put the security of Europe first. In 1938, when the European states agreed on peace, it was a wrong peace, it was a policy of non-interference that led to the outbreak of World War II," the Czech Foreign Minister reminded.

As previously reported, Moldovan Foreign Minister Mihail Popșoi said that Russia will not stop at Ukraine if our country loses the war. Moldova may be the next target of the Kremlin as Russian dictator Vladimir Putin does not hide his imperial ambitions and dreams of restoring the USSR.

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