"Recruited by Russia": political expert makes a high-profile statement about Orban's ties to Moscow. Video

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Bezsmertny said Orban was recruited by Moscow. Source: Sputnik

Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orban traveled to Moscow to solve his own problems first, and only then the problems of his country. The politician was recruited by the aggressor country Russia and is part of its mafia-corrupt criminal system.

This system, in turn, is integrated into the global mafia structure. This was stated by diplomat and international politics expert Roman Bezsmertnyi in the OBOZ.Talk.

"I can tell you who Orban is for a very long time. His exploits in various structures and so on. By the way, I have known him since he was a young man. And, to be honest, I had a very pleasant impression of him as a politician of the future and so on. But as it turned out later, he was simply recruited. So everything he says is aimed at solving his problems first, and only then the Hungarian ones," he said.

According to the expert, Hungary is 85% dependent on Russian energy resources, which is why it maintains relations with the aggressor. If Budapest had followed the example of other European countries trying to reduce their dependence on Russian resources, it would have completed the nuclear power plant in Paks and established product pipelines from the South long ago. However, this is "not for Orban."

In order to go to Russia to solve the problems that Foreign Minister Péter Szijjártó failed to deal with, Orban waited until Hungary took over the presidency of the EU Council.

"In international relations, the status of a person is important. He is now an institutionally key figure in the European community," Bezsmertnyi said.

As reported, on July 5, Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orban visited Moscow and held talks with Kremlin leader Vladimir Putin. During the meeting, the Russian dictator reminded him of his ultimatum to start negotiations with Ukraine.

At the same time, after the public part of the meeting with Putin, Viktor Orban posted a photo online with a caption about the need to act for peace.

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