Putin is waiting for Trump to return to end the war, but it's another Kremlin miscalculation - ex-NATO secretary-general

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Putin is waiting for Trump's return to end the war

Russian dictator Vladimir Putin's strategy of waiting for Donald Trump to return to the presidency of the United States is another miscalculation by the Kremlin. Putin hopes that Trump can help make a "dirty deal" to end the war in Ukraine, but this is unlikely to happen.

This opinion was expressed by former NATO Secretary General (1999-2004) and former British Defense Secretary George Robertson, Bloomberg reports. According to him, Trump does have Russian-friendly rhetoric, but as president of the United States, he has actually strengthened American defense and increased contributions to the Alliance.

Robertson believes that Putin is hoping for a Trump presidency because his criminal army cannot make progress on the battlefield.

"Putin seems to have no choice but to wait until Trump is elected, who he hopes will cut some kind of dirty deal to end the war. But even this strategy, if you can call it that, is not correct," said the former secretary general of the bloc.

He noted that during their meetings in the UK, Republican congressmen clearly stated that such a strategy of the president of the aggressor state was wrong.

"During his term in office, contrary to his rhetoric, President Trump has sent missiles to Poland, increased NATO funding, and significantly strengthened the power of his own army. This is starting to look like another miscalculation by the Kremlin," Robertson said.

As reported by OBOZ.UA, Putin wants Donald Trump to win the US presidential election in 2024, according to former White House Russia expert Fiona Hill. According to her, the Kremlin chief "knows how to manipulate Trump" and still considers him an "asset."

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