PACE adopts resolution recognizing Putin as dictator

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PACE adopts resolution recognizing Putin as dictator

The Parliamentary Assembly of the Council of Europe (PACE) has adopted a resolution recognizing Russian President Vladimir Putin as a dictator and the aggressor country itself as a dictatorship. The organization also called on all countries to comply with the order of the International Criminal Court and arrest the Russian leader.

The decision was supported by all 43 participants at a meeting on Friday, October 13. This was reported by MP Oleksiy Honcharenko.

According to him, the PACE also called on all countries to consider Putin an illegitimate leader and stop all contact with him after his presidential term ends in March 2024.

"This decision was made unanimously! Thus, you can understand the mood in PACE! Putin, you are a murderer, a criminal, and a dictator. Happy birthday, *sshole. Back to work!" Honcharenko commented.

PACE adopts resolution recognizing Putin as dictator

He added that his amendments were submitted to the resolution, and all of them were voted on in PACE. They included the fact that there is no political culture in the Russian Federation, which has led to passivity and the actual absence of civil society. The MP also pointed to the limited reaction of the international community, which became a clear message to countries that do not have a stable practice of democracy that dictatorship is normal.

"This is very dangerous. This happened in Belarus when self-proclaimed President Alexander Lukashenko retained power in 2020," he said in the amendments.

In addition, he emphasized that Russia uses acts of aggression against sovereign nations as a strategy to enhance the leader's internal image, including the Chechen wars of the late 1990s, Russia's influence in the Transnistrian region of Moldova, and its aggression against Georgia in 2008.

"A very important decision has just been made in PACE! It once again shows that nothing will be forgotten and dictators will have to answer for everything," Honcharenko summarized.

As reported by OBOZ.UA, the day before, on October 13, PACE recognized the Holodomor of 1932-1933 as a genocide of the Ukrainian people artificially organized by the Soviet authorities. President Volodymyr Zelensky reacted to the decision, calling it another step towards restoring historical justice.

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