Not seen for 2 years: father of 9-year-old Valeria, who was found dead in Germany, shares his heartbreaking story

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Roman hopes his daughter is alive

Ukrainian soldier Roman, the father of 9-year-old girl Valeria, who disappeared in Germany, hopes that his daughter is still alive. He has not seen the child for two years and hoped to see her this summer.

Roman is still in Ukraine, although the command of the Armed Forces of Ukraine granted him a leave of absence and permission to travel abroad in connection with the information about his daughter's disappearance. It's a matter of time, and in a few days Roman will be in Debelle, Germany.

"I am sure she is alive. I have seen my children for two years only through my phone screen," said the girl's father.

According to Roman, his ex-wife promised to bring Valeria back to Ukraine when the holidays begin. In general, Roman is surprised by the behavior of his ex-wife, who sent her child to school alone and, while having two phones and a smartwatch, did not allow her daughter to take them to school.

As OBOZ.UA previously reported, 9-year-old Valeria was found dead in Germany. The child's body was found in the woods three kilometers from her home in Debelle. The cause of death was presumed to be murder. The police have already contacted Roman, but he does not believe his daughter is dead.

"The police said they found someone. But I feel that it is not her, I hope she is alive," Roman says.

According to him, his ex-wife had "a very bad relationship with Lera".

"I think she was preventing mom from building a new life," Roman said.

"We have another younger daughter, and she is now with my ex-wife, and I think it's not safe. I hope to bring both my daughters home, but I don't know how to do it right yet," added the girl's father.

Roman divorced his daughter's mother in 2023.

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