North Korea may resort to military provocations ahead of US election at Putin's request - NBC News

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Kim Jong-un and Vladimir Putin
Kim Jong-un and Vladimir Putin. Source: Russian media

North Korea may launch large-scale provocative military actions on the eve of the US presidential election. The DPRK may take such a dangerous step at the request of Russian dictator Vladimir Putin.

The administration of US President Joe Biden is concerned that the military alliance between the two dictators Putin and Kim Jong-un is strengthening, in particular, expanding Pyongyang's nuclear capabilities. This was reported by NBC News.

The DPRK may carry out provocations in the coming months to create unrest ahead of the US presidential election. A U.S. intelligence official said that North Korea would behave provocatively this year.

The US has also warned that Putin will visit North Korea to meet with Kim in the coming weeks to cement a new agreement to expand military technology supplies to Pyongyang. U.S. intelligence officials believe that Russia is providing North Korea with nuclear submarine and ballistic missile technology in exchange for Pyongyang sending Russia a large amount of ammunition for the war in Ukraine.

In addition, U.S. officials are concerned that Russia could help North Korea complete the final steps necessary to deploy its first submarine capable of launching a nuclear-tipped missile.

At the same time, Pyongyang is trying to obtain a long-range ballistic missile capable of flying thousands of miles and then re-entering the atmosphere with an intact payload. U.S. officials warn that Russia could now help the DPRK achieve the final steps in this regard. A missile capable of carrying nuclear weapons with warheads would pose a serious challenge to U.S. missile defense systems. In addition, U.S. officials have also stated that activity has increased at one of North Korea's nuclear test sites, which may indicate preparations for a new test.

As a reminder, since September 2023, North Korea could have supplied the terrorist country Russia with about 6, 700 containers of weapons to wage war against Ukraine. These are mainly artillery ammunition and shells for multiple launch rocket systems.

Earlier, it was reported that North Korean dictator Kim Jong-un has decided to develop ties with the aggressor country Russia in order to revive his country's economy. Factories began to operate at increased capacity, and the Minister of Defense admitted that the economic situation in the DPRK has "significantly improved" thanks to Russian supplies of food, raw materials, and oil products.

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