Netanyahu: Israel will fight Hamas even if it has to confront the whole world

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Netanyahu calls on Western leaders to support Israel

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, along with other leaders responsible for directing Israel's war in the Gaza Strip, are promising victory over Hamas, even if it means "standing firm against the world." Netanyahu also sharply responded to French President Emanuel Macron's criticism of Jerusalem.

This was reported by The Times of Israel. During a joint press conference, Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, Defense Minister Yoav Gallant and Minister Benny Gantz rejected growing international criticism for the civilian costs of the war.

They also called on Western leaders to support Israel, arguing that its victory would be a victory for the entire free world.

Netanyahu also sharply criticized French President Emmanuel Macron's remarks a day earlier. He expressed his belief that public outrage and condemnation should be directed at Hamas, not Israel. He put all the responsibility for the deaths of civilians in the Gaza Strip that occurred during the current conflict with Israel on this terrorist organization. Netanyahu noted that the Israeli army is trying to evacuate civilians from the combat areas, while Hamas is using them as human shields.

He also noted that Israel would oppose the return of Palestinian authorities to Gaza after the war, which is what Washington is seeking.

"I will tell you what will not happen. There will be no Hamas. There will also be no civilian government that brings up its children to hate Israel, to kill Israelis, to destroy the state of Israel. There cannot be a government whose leader has not yet condemned the horrific massacre 30 days later," the prime minister said, referring to Palestinian Authority President Mahmoud Abbas.

As a reminder, French President Emmanuel Macron called the events taking place in the Gaza Strip a genocide of the civilian population. According to the politician, Israel needs to wind down the operation, which is killing not only terrorists, but also women, children, and the elderly.

As OBOZ.UA reported, when Jerusalem first announced a ground operation in the Gaza Strip, Macron called it a mistake for Israel. He explained his words by saying that the invasion would not ensure Israel's security in the future and would endanger the lives of civilians.

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