Kazakhstan wants to penalize Russian symbols used in the war with Ukraine

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Kazakhstan wants to ban Russian symbols of the war in Ukraine

Kazakhstan's state bodies together with the Prosecutor-General's Office are working out legal grounds for banning Russian symbols of war in Ukraine. It will include Z and V symbols, which the invaders use to mark their equipment.

The ban will also apply to other symbols and slogans that are associated with the Russian occupation army. This is reported by NUR.KZ.

According to the prosecutor of the Department of Protection of Public Interests of the Prosecutor's Office of Semey City Kuat Bapinov, the practice shows that individual representatives of different ethnic groups in the public field demonstrate various symbols, including those associated with the countries of their historical origin and the like. He also drew attention to the fact that the use of clothes, toys and vehicles for these symbols became more frequent in Kazakhstan last year.

The Prosecutor also emphasized that there are facts of the sale and advertising of children's products under various names in retail chains, Army of Russia and Polite People in particular.

"The General Prosecutor's Office of Kazakhstan last year sent a proposal to the Government on the legislative ban and the establishment of administrative responsibility for the manufacture, storage, import, transportation and distribution on the territory of the country attributes, symbols, signs used by the opposing sides in armed conflicts, in military or other violent actions against the sovereignty and political regime of another state", the prosecutor said.

The Cabinet of Ministers enacted a decision to ban the order and production of individual license plates that contain symbols associated with totalitarian regimes and a full-scale invasion of Ukraine by Russia. However, this ban does not apply to state registration license plates for electric cars.

As OBOZREVATEL reports, Russian propagandists are trying to come up with new meanings for their occupation symbols to give them more significance. Thus, the correspondent of "Zvezda" TV channel said that Z symbol was allegedly invented by Soviet dictator Joseph Stalin.

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