Italy talks about a "political truce" between Ukraine and Russia

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Italian Defense Minister says there is no way to avoid a political "truce" between Ukraine and Russia

Lasting peace cannot be achieved solely through military means. Therefore, Ukraine should prepare for a political "truce" with Russia, although the time for it has not yet come.

This was stated by Italian Defense Minister Guido Crozetto in an interview with Quotidiano Nazionale . At the same time, he noted that since the outbreak of the war between Israel and Hamas, media attention to the war in Ukraine has decreased, but the West continues to steadily support Ukraine in its struggle for its sovereignty and compliance with international law.

According to the Italian defense minister, sooner or later Ukraine will have to reach a political "truce" with Russia. Although this time has not yet come.

"Obviously, a lasting peace cannot be based on military actions alone. A political 'truce' is needed. The time has not yet come, but "Spes ultima Dea" (Latin for "Hope is the last goddess", the Ukrainian equivalent may be the phrase "Hope dies last" - Ed.

At the same time, he disagreed with the journalist's statement that the war in Ukraine has reached a deadlock, and the world's attention is focused on the events in the Middle East, while the international community has allegedly forgotten about Ukraine.

"Attention to the Russian-Ukrainian conflict has decreased at the media level, not at the political level. The support for Kyiv from the West and the EU is unchanged. Ukraine is fighting to protect its sovereignty and respect for international law, not just its own freedom," the Italian Defense Minister emphasized.

Earlier, the Lithuanian Foreign Minister had a strong response to those who believe that Ukraine should now sit down at the negotiating table with the aggressor state. Gabrielius Landsbergis warned against any peace agreements with Russia, as the Russian Federation will only use the truce to rearm and attack again.

The Lithuanian foreign minister is convinced that this time the world must put an end to Russia's centuries-old aggression in order to avoid passing the war on to future generations.

"We are dangerously close to losing the opportunity to put an end to the Kremlin's centuries-old imperial aggression and secure the future of several continents. Our children will curse us in the trenches we are digging for them," Landsbergis emphasized.

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