IDF announces elimination of another Hamas commander

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IDF announces elimination of another Hamas commander


IDF spokesman Lieutenant Colonel Peter Lerner said that the elimination of the terrorist indicates that Israel has the necessary intelligence. This was reported by CNN.

The Israeli military noted that they have information about all the terrorists who entered Israel and killed civilians.

The day before, it also became known that the commander of Hamas troops in the city of Ham Yunis in the Gaza Strip had been eliminated. The militant was responsible for the killings in Kibbutz Nirim. In turn, Hamas has not yet commented on the situation.

At the same time, the Israeli Defense Forces continue to call on civilians to evacuate to southern Gaza to enable the Israeli military to attack Hamas. At the same time, the IDF stated that terrorists physically obstructed the movement of people and mined some roads.

In preparation for the next stage of the conflict, Lerner said that the IDF has called up several hundred thousand soldiers and reservists, many of whom are stationed in southern Israel and on the border with the Gaza Strip.

"The IDF is targeting Hamas institutions because they have taken over the entire governmental system to provide support, funding, instruction and execution of their terrorist activities. So effectively, what we are doing is dismantling the entire system to begin with," Lerner said.

IDF announces elimination of another Hamas commander

As a reminder, Israel is going to send 10,000 soldiers to capture Gaza, seeking to conduct the largest offensive since the Second Lebanon War. The IDF aims not just to clear the Strip of terrorists, but especially to eliminate their leader, Yahya Sinwar.

Earlier, Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu announced the approach of a "new stage" in the war with Hamas. The IDF noted that the preparations are complete, while acknowledging that a number of events could affect the ground invasion of the Gaza Strip: the evacuation of Palestinians and tensions on the country's northern border.

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