How Poles feel about Ukrainians after 500 days of war with Russia: fresh data

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Most Poles have a positive view of relations between Poland and Ukraine

More than 60% of Poles positively assess the relations between Poland and Ukraine. Over the past five years this indicator has more than doubled.

Those who consider relations between Poland and Ukraine to be bad are only 4%. This was reported by Polish Radio with reference to the data of social research conducted by the Centre for Public Opinion Research (CBOS).

According to sociologists, 64% of Poles positively assess relations with Ukraine. In 2018, this figure was 29%.

Interestingly, most of those who gave positive assessments above average are respondents between 45 and 54 years old, residents of large cities, more educated and citizens with incomes above average.

Only 4% of Poles consider the relations between the two countries bad.

Sociologists explain the growth of sympathy for Ukraine and the rapprochement of the two nations by the full-scale invasion of Ukraine by the Russian Federation. A similar surge of sympathy for Ukrainians in Poland was recorded in 2014, immediately after Russia's annexation of Crimea and the beginning of hybrid aggression in Donbas.

We remind that the day before, on July 8, it became known that how many Germans support Ukraine's accession to NATO: according to the survey, they were more than 50%, significantly more than those who are against it.

At the same time, 13% of Germans believe that Ukraine should become a member of NATO before the war.

It was also reported that about two-thirds of citizens of NATO member states have a negative attitude to Russia. This is indicated by the results of the survey, conducted on the eve of the Vilnius summit.

The majority of respondents also support the extension of military aid to Ukraine and believe that the Russian invasion of Ukrainian soil also threatens the security of their countries.

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