German intelligence warns of possible ISIS attacks at Euro 2024

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Germany warns of possible terrorist attacks at Euro 2024

Germany's intelligence services have warned of a possible threat from an unrecognized Islamist terrorist state and the international group of ISIS militants. Its representatives are believed to be preparing attacks during the European Football Championship.

We are talking about terrorist attacks similar to the one that ISIS-K members staged at the Crocus City Hall near Moscow in March. The Financial Times writes about this with reference to sources.

In particular, the publication quoted the head of the Federal Office for the Protection of the Constitution of Germany (BfV) Thomas Haldenwang. According to him, the threat of Islamist terrorism in Germany has increased significantly after Hamas' attack on Israel.

He noted that a scenario of large-scale and coordinated attacks similar to the recent attack in the capital region of the aggressor country, Russia, is possible.

Haldenwang also added that the Khorasan (ISIS-K) group, which claimed responsibility for the attack on the concert hall in Russia, was able to infiltrate its supporters into Western Europe "under the guise of refugees."

Moreover, it is actively distributing propaganda videos calling on its supporters to attack "easy targets" in Europe.

As reported, two weeks before the attack in the suburbs of Moscow on March 22, the United States warned the Russian authorities that militants were preparing a terrorist attack and that it was likely to take place in Crocus City Hall. However, Russia ignored the warning and did not take measures to prevent the murder.

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