Georgia's movement to the EU is actually stopped: the European Council named the reasons

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Georgia's path to the EU is on hold
Georgia's path to the EU is on hold. Source: Euronews.

The actions of the Georgian authorities are leading to a virtual halt in the process of joining the European Union. We are talking about recent legislative initiatives (the so-called law on foreign agents) and harassment of citizens and activists.

This is stated in the final document of the EU summit, published on the website of the European Council. Politicians expressed "serious concern" over the recent events in Georgia.

The law on the alleged "transparency of foreign influence," which copies the Russian law on foreign agents, is a deviation from the recommendations of the European Commission.

The European Council called on Tbilisi to "clarify its intentions by reconsidering the current course of action, which undermines Georgia's European path and de facto halts the accession process [to the EU]."

Europe also called on the Georgian authorities to stop intimidation, threats, and attacks on civil society representatives, political leaders, civic activists, and journalists. After all, it is important for every country that wants to become part of the EU to respect European values and principles.

On October 26, 2024, parliamentary elections are to be held in Georgia. The European Council reminded that the process should be free and fair. It is also necessary to have observation missions from partner countries.

At the same time, the European Council emphasized its commitment to Georgia's territorial integrity and "strong solidarity with the people" and its readiness to continue to help the country on its way to a European future.

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