Flights suspended over Tehran and other cities as Israel launches missiles at Iran. All details

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Currently, restrictions at Iranian airports have been lifted

Israel launched missiles at Iran in the early morning hours of Friday, April 19, local time. Flights to Tehran, Isfahan, and Shiraz were suspended after reports of an explosion in the city of Qahjavaristan.

This was reported by ABC News and Bloomberg. The city of Qahjavaristan is located near the Isfahan airport and the 8th Shekhari Air Force Base in northwestern Isfahan.

It is a response to Iran's attack last Saturday when the country fired more than 300 unmanned drones and missiles at targets across the country. According to officials, all but a few were intercepted by Israel and its allies, including the United States.

Only one Israeli is known to have been injured in the attack: a seven-year-old girl who was seriously wounded.

Meanwhile, it became known that flights over Tehran and other cities were suspended. In particular, Imam Khomeini International Airport in the Iranian capital was closed until the morning. At the moment, restrictions at Iranian airports have been lifted.

In this regard, eight airplanes that were in Iranian airspace deviated from their course. According to the Flightradar24 service, these included Emirates and Flydubai airliners.

Iranian authorities said that air defense systems were activated in several areas, "shooting down several drones," and denied information about a missile attack on the country.

The IRIB TV company, citing "reliable sources," reported that "loud noises heard in several regions of the country were the result of the activation of the air defense system to combat several unknown mini drones."

It is emphasized that no incidents were recorded at the nuclear infrastructure facilities located in Isfahan.

As reported, almost immediately after the strike began, the Israeli Cabinet allegedly "approved a powerful response to Iran for the attack on its territory." But after consultations with the United States, the Israeli rhetoric somewhat changed.

Israeli Foreign Minister Israel Katz said that his ministry had already responded to Iran. In particular, he personally "led a diplomatic attack" by writing to 32 countries asking them to impose sanctions on Iran's missile program and officially consider the Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps a terrorist group, as the United States has done.

On April 12 and 13, Iran attacked Israel from its territory, launching hundreds of missiles and attack drones. Both countries and their immediate neighbors closed their airspace.

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu said that his country has been preparing for the possibility of a direct attack from Iran in recent years and especially in recent weeks. All systems are deployed, and Israel is ready for any scenario: both defense and offense.

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