DPRK suspends ammunition supply to Russia by sea: what is going on

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North Korea could stop supplying Russia with ammunition by sea

North Korea has probably suspended the transfer of munitions to the aggressor country Russia by sea. Over the past few weeks, ships that could have delivered weapons to Russia for use against Ukraine have not been seen in ports.

This was reported by the Korean edition of NK Pro on Friday, March 1. The journalists wrote that they analyzed satellite images from Planet Labs.

According to the article, Russian ships involved in the transportation stopped appearing in the North Korean port of Rason, where the weapons were loaded onto ships, as well as in the port of destination in the Russian Far East called Danube.

DPRK suspends ammunition supply to Russia by sea: what is going on

According to media reports, the vessels Angara, Maya-1, Maria and Lady R have been transporting ammunition to Russia, making at least 32 trips. The last vessel, the Maya-1, called at Rason on February 12, and the Lady R on February 4. So far, no containers have been delivered to the export pier.

Journalists speculate that the DPRK has suspended supplies to Russia due to problems with ammunition production or logistical issues.

"Perhaps the operation was stopped due to production problems in North Korea or other logistical difficulties. We should also not rule out the possibility that the weapons are being transferred to Russia by air or rail across the common border of the two countries," the article says.

Recently, the SSU found evidence that Russia is killing Ukrainians with missiles from the DPRK. The investigation found that Russian troops have already fired more than 20 North Korean missiles at Ukraine.

At the same time, CNN published information that the missile from the DPRK fired by Russia at Ukraine contained American and European components.

As you know, North Korea receives significant funds from arms sales to Russia, which revive the DPRK's economy undermined by sanctions. After all, the budget of this small country last year amounted to only $24.5 billion.

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