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Sellafield's IT system may have been hacked
Sellafield's IT system may have been hacked

The UK's most dangerous nuclear facility, Sellafield, has been hacked by cyber groups with close ties to Russia and China. The staff of this huge nuclear waste disposal facility hid the problems for a long time.

This was reported by The Guardian. According to journalists, hackers could have hacked into the facility's systems and "infected" them with malware. It can still function and be used either for espionage or to attack Sellafield.

Moreover, the authorities allegedly do not know exactly when the IT systems were first hacked. Media sources reported that the breach was first detected back in 2015, when experts realized that malware was embedded in the nuclear facility's computer networks.

According to one of the assumptions, some of Sellafield's most important activities may have been compromised. These include the movement of radioactive waste, monitoring of hazardous material leaks, and fire detection.

Sellafield (formerly known as Windscale), built more than 70 years ago, covers an area of 6 square kilometers on the Cumbrian coast and is "one of the most dangerous in the world," according to journalists.

It is here that the world's largest plutonium reserve is stored. In fact, it is now a huge nuclear waste dump.

In addition, emergency planning documents are stored at this facility. They could be used in the event of a disaster or an attack on the UK.

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