Britain says Russia's alliance with China poses a "direct threat"

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Chinese leader Xi Jinping and Russian dictator Putin

The strengthening of ties and the formation of a kind of alliance between Russia and China is a threat to the West. This rapprochement should concern all countries that consider freedom and democracy to be of paramount importance, given that both countries have begun to claim that "nuclear tensions" with the West are on the rise

An effective step to counteract the rapprochement between Beijing and Moscow on the part of Western powers is to increase military assistance to Ukraine, including the transfer of lethal weapons. This statement was made by British Defense Secretary Grant Shepps, as quoted by Bloomberg.

In an interview with Sky TV channel "Sunday Morning with Trevor Phillips," the official called the strengthening of the alliance between Russia and China a threat to Western countries, so he called on European countries to increase assistance to Ukraine with lethal weapons.

"This is a direct threat to our way of life. If we value our freedom and democracy, we should be concerned that they are coming together," Shepps emphasized.

He made these comments against the backdrop of Russian dictator Vladimir Putin's trip to China. There, in Beijing, he and Chinese President Xi Jinping made statements promising to intensify cooperation against the US "containment" of their countries. The leaders of the two countries also announced an increase in nuclear tensions with the West.

The publication reminds that during the Russian aggression against Ukraine, relations between London and Beijing and Moscow have deteriorated. The reason was "espionage, sabotage and intimidation."

"The UK expelled a senior Russian official and imposed new restrictions on the country's diplomats earlier this month in response to what it called a coordinated spying campaign. Russia then expelled the UK's defense attache," the article says.

Referring to the Russian offensive in the north of Kharkiv region, Shepps called on European countries to increase aid to Ukraine.

"We are in an existential battle for how we manage the world order. We must stand up to this," the British Defense Secretary emphasized.

As reported, on May 16, Putin arrived in China and began talks with Xi Jinping. The Russian dictator spent two days in China.

He was accompanied by the newly appointed Russian Defense Minister Andrey Belousov, Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov, as well as the new Security Council Secretary Sergey Shoigu and Foreign Policy Advisor Yuriy Ushakov.

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