Biden may withdraw from US presidential election in favor of another candidate – Spiegel

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Biden may withdraw from the election

The US Democratic Party is speculating that President Joe Biden may withdraw from the presidential election scheduled for November 2024. The current head of the White House may propose to nominate Michelle Obama, the wife of former US President Barack Obama, instead.

This was reported by Der Spiegel. Journalists' sources believe that Biden may announce the decision at a party convention in Chicago in August 2024.

Biden may withdraw from US presidential election in favor of another candidate – Spiegel

According to the journalists' interlocutors, the Democratic Party is discussing the possibility of replacing the candidate in the upcoming elections so seriously that they have included a question in public opinion polls.

The media writes that the Democrats are considering such a step after a poll among Americans who said they would like to see a woman as president and that Biden is too old for another presidential term. Two-thirds of Americans surveyed believe he is too old to lead the country for another four years.

Many people are also afraid of former President Donald Trump, who is "not much younger than the current leader of the country and spends several days a week in court over accusations of trying to buy the silence of a porn actress."

The day before, Biden had agreed to take part in an election debate with Trump. The US President changed his position, as he had been refusing to debate for several months.

Trump replied that he was ready for them "anytime and anywhere" and called on Biden to meet for a debate in a courtroom where one of the many court cases against the former president, which he considers political persecution, is being considered.

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