A 9-year-old girl from Ukraine goes missing in Germany: prosecutors launch investigation against school

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A 9-year-old girl from Ukraine went missing in Germany. Source: Bild

In Saxony, a federal state of Germany, law enforcement officers are looking for a 9-year-old girl from Ukraine. Valeria moved to Germany with her mother because of the war. On June 3, the child did not get to school and did not return home.

The Saxony police said they were combing the entire city of Diebeln, where Valeria disappeared, and asked for help from local residents. Rescue dogs have also been deployed to search for the girl in forests, fields, and meadows. The school has been searched several times. At the same time, Bild reports that the prosecutor's office has launched an investigation against the educational institution.

Her mother saw Valeria for the last time on the morning of June 3, a Monday, when the girl left home to catch the bus to school. Valeria was not seen at school that day, but no one raised the alarm either.

After it was reported that the prosecutor's office had opened an investigation against the school, local authorities said that this was an atypical situation for schools in Saxony. However, educators were urged not to ignore cases of student absenteeism and to inform parents in a timely manner.

The police suggested that the residents of Diebeln check whether the child is in their gardens, cellars, garages, sheds, attics, and other outbuildings. Law enforcement officers showed a photo of the child and provided her description.

The girl is about 1 meter 40 cm tall, with medium-length dark blond hair. Valeria was last seen wearing a purple T-shirt, black jeans, a light turquoise jacket, and dark blue shoes, she had a pink schoolbag and a ponytail hairstyle.

A 9-year-old girl from Ukraine goes missing in Germany: prosecutors launch investigation against school

As OBOZ.UA reported, despite the fact that in 2023 the number of registered asylum seekers in Germany increased, the number of Ukrainians among them decreased. During the year, the number of Ukrainians seeking protection in Germany decreased by 3%.

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