While waiting for the general, HIMARS flew in: Russian "war correspondents" are hysterical about the mass liquidation of occupants near Kreminna

Russian ''war correspondents'' say that the Russian Armed Forces column near Kreminna was crushed: they blame the general from Grozny

Russian propaganda pro-war channels have been multiplying hysterical reports throughout the day of June 14. They complain that allegedly one of the Russian generals ordered the occupants to form a column to further attack the Ukrainian positions near Kreminna, and they waited for about two hours for the said general to arrive to give them a "word of greeting".

However, instead of the general, the occupants allegedly waited for "greetings" from HIMARS. People's deputy of Ukraine Sergiy Mysyagin drew attention to this.

"So far the information is only this. Near Kreminna, one of the Russian commanders gathered a large column that was going to attack Ukrainian positions in that direction, and left it standing in one place for about two hours. This did not go unnoticed by Ukrainian aerial reconnaissance. UAV operators detected the column, transmitted the exact coordinates and HIMARS and artillery destroyed the column," Mysyagin wrote.

He also released screenshots from several popular Russian Z-publics, the authors of which write about the two-hour wait for the crowd of invaders and strikes by Ukrainian troops on the detected crowd.

The propagandists complain about the dominance of "degenerates in shoulder straps" among the Russian military command and demand that such "generalissimus" be shot.


Journalist Denis Kazansky also drew attention to the hysteria of Z-publics.

"Russian war correspondents are furious. The occupiers had an unfortunate incident near Kreminna. Some talented warlord gathered together a large number of manpower and equipment and built them into columns for a ceremonial offensive. The result was predictable - everyone got hit by Highmars. Judging by the intensity of the indignation, there were evidently not less victims than in Makiyivka vocational school on January 1," he noted.


Also in the Russian publicity pages there is the name of a general who allegedly distinguished himself by his special intelligence and cleverness at Kreminna.

"It is written that the 20th Army of the ZVO suffered losses when the fighters were hit during a long formation. Since December 2022, the 20th Army has been commanded by Grozny-born Sukhrab Sultanovich Akhmedov. He received the epaulettes of major general from the hands of Sergei Kuzhugetovich for two years. It means that lately this is the third strike of the enemy against our forces and columns," wrote one of the pro-war channels.

Igor Girkin, the former leader of the "DPR" terrorists, also reposted this message, although whether he did so because the information presented was true, or out of a special "love" for Russian Defense Minister Sergei Shoigu, is not yet known.


The Russian newspaper Astra reminds us that Sukhrab Akhmedov's name has already popped up in the media. It was him whom the Russian marines of the 155th brigade complained to the governor of Primorskiy krai. In their complaint, they mentioned the huge losses of the Russian army near Pavlovka in Donetsk region.

The Russian Defense Ministry did not comment on the possible strike on the Russian division.

"Defeat of the Russian assault unit near Kreminna by HIMARS and artillery strikes of the Ukrainian Armed Forces. First details. Russian channels report that the attempt to attack Ukrainian positions in the Luhansk region was revealed in time by Ukrainian aerial reconnaissance and hit the accumulation of manpower together with the commander of the Russian division. We are waiting for a video from our aerial reconnaissance in this direction", – journalist Yuri Butusov wrote.

He also added that some Russian resources claimed "several hundred dead". At the same time, there are also reports of "30 liquidated".


"The Russians suffered very heavy losses at Kreminna. Therefore, a number of occupant telegram channels had a fit." – volunteer, public figure and blogger Sergiy Sternenko wrote on the subject.


Apart from the Russian Z-media posts, the fact that the occupants were defeated near Kreminna has not been confirmed by anything else so far. In contrast to the official statistics of Russian losses, which is meticulously maintained by the General Staff of the Armed Forces of Ukraine.

Thus, in the morning of June 14, the General Staff of the AFU reported that on the previous day the Defense Forces had subtracted another 680 occupants and dozens of units of enemy equipment. The enemy's irretrievable losses in manpower since the beginning of the full-scale invasion reached 217,330.

Also in the General Staff noted that the AFU have successes as a result of the offensive operation, and in the Berdyansk direction are fighting in the area of three settlements.

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