While the occupiers were asleep: Agent 'Ateşh' infiltrated the territory of a Russian military unit in Feodosia. Photos and videos

Feodosia hosts an occupation military unit
Feodosia hosts an occupation military unit

In Russian-occupied Ukrainian Crimea, a representative of the Atesh guerrilla movement conducted reconnaissance on the invaders' military facility. He managed to enter the territory of military unit 80393 in Feodosia.

The mentioned military unit belongs to the Black Sea Fleet of the aggressor country, Russia. The Atesh Telegram channel reported this on November 17.

The press service stated that a member of the guerrilla movement had infiltrated the territory of the guarded facility on Admiralsky Boulevard in the middle of the night and successfully conducted reconnaissance operations.

"While the duty shift was sleeping at an unauthorized time, we managed to pinpoint the exact locations of car garages, warehouses with ammunition, barracks, and headquarters," the association said.

Military unit 80393 of the occupiers in Crimea
Location of the object

All information that will assist the Ukrainian Defense Forces has already been passed on to the competent authorities. Atesh mentioned that the military unit in question is under the threat of "demilitarization."

Feodosia on the map

As OBOZ.UA wrote:

- Russian occupiers complain to their propagandists about the Ukrainian guerrilla movement in the occupied territories. In particular, in the Russian-occupied Luhansk region, they claim, "guerrilla warfare is in full swing" - uninvited "guests" are treated to dumplings with poison and needles, energy drinks with sulfur, given exploding lighters, and more.

- Earlier, one of the Atesh agents revealed a Russian base in the temporarily occupied village of Urzuf, Donetsk region, on the coastline between Berdiansk and Mariupol. A member of the resistance movement recorded the video and indicated the exact coordinates of the enemy's military facility.

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