What Russia may do on 24 August: the DIU gave a forecast for Ukraine's Independence Day

Ukrainians are urged not to neglect their own safety

The Defence Intelligence of Ukraine has admitted that Russia may provoke or strike on Ukraine's Independence Day, 24 August. They explained that symbols of Ukrainian statehood are a strong irritant for Russians.

In this regard, Ukrainians are urged not to neglect their own security. This statement was made by a representative of the Defence Intelligence of Ukraine, Andriy Yusov. He said this on the air of an all-Ukrainian telethon.

According to Yusov, from the very beginning of the full-scale invasion, Ukraine has been living in a mode of absolute concentration and mobilisation of efforts of the entire state, society, security and defence sector. Ukrainian defenders have been defending the Ukrainian sky to the limit of their capabilities, conducting counter-sabotage and counter-intelligence activities across the country on weekdays and holidays.

"But we understand that all the symbols of Ukrainian statehood are special irritants for the enemy, as Russia is waging a genocidal war, implementing genocide of the Ukrainian people, and is trying to do so. And, of course, the very mention of an independent Ukraine as an ancient European state that regained its independence on 24 August 1991, having freed itself from Russian imperialism, is particularly sensitive for Russians," he said.

The DIU representative added that there is a risk of provocations on Independence Day, but, like on other days, civilians and the military must be prepared for them, as Russia launches missile strikes not only on holidays.

"And in principle, they have already used virtually the entire arsenal of weapons and means at their disposal in this criminal genocidal war against Ukrainians," Yusov added.

Last year, on 24 August, Russian war criminals launched a missile attack on the railway station in the village of Chaplyne in the Dnipro region. The terrorist attack killed 25 people and injured 50 others.

As reported by OBOZREVATEL, The Times, citing an Armed Forces colonel who wished to remain anonymous, wrote that the most powerful air defence system has been created around Kyiv. It consists of Patriot, Nasams and IRIS-T air defence systems, but Ukraine must continue to improve its defences against enemy attacks.

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