"We should not allow Putin to win": Duda urged the free world not to repeat the mistakes of Bucharest 2008

Andrzej Duda addresses Ukrainians

President of Poland Andrzej Duda addressed Ukrainians on the two-year anniversary of Russia's full-scale invasion of Ukraine. He assured that his country "supported, supports and will support Ukraine in its battle for freedom, regardless of the fatigue of war."

Duda emphasized that Russian dictator Vladimir Putin must not be allowed to win this war. If this happens, other European countries "will also face a new war sooner or later."

The President of Poland expressed his belief that Ukraine should have joined NATO back in 2008. If this had happened, "this war would not have happened".

"Russian aggression has demonstrated the importance of NATO, the presence of US troops in Poland and Europe, and that the United States remains a security leader in Europe and the world," Duda said.

The Polish leader also added that Russian aggression has demonstrated the need to modernize the armed forces of NATO countries. That is why Poland now allocates four percent of its GDP to the development of its army. "If we want a safe Europe for future generations, we must act now," he urged.

Earlier, Duda's office said that he did not plan to visit Ukraine on February 24. The Polish leader was also not in Kyiv on February 24, 2022, although he began his address by saying that "two years ago on February 23, he arrived in Ukraine to support it."

"Support is still important today. Despite the fatigue of the war, the free world cannot allow Russia to win," Duda emphasized.

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