"We must be steadfast": In Davos, Zelensky calls for stopping Putin and talks about Russia's crimes. Video

Zelensky spoke at the WEF

On Tuesday, January 16, President of Ukraine Volodymyr Zelensky addressed the World Economic Forum in Davos, Switzerland. He emphasized the importance of changes in the world, as Russian dictator Vladimir Putin, who is the cause of many wars in the world, will not change.

The speech was broadcast live on the President's Facebook page. The Ukrainian leader reminded that the Kremlin leader supports many terrorist regimes in the world.

"If someone thinks that it is only about Ukraine, they are deeply mistaken. Possible directions and even time limits of new Russian aggression outside Ukraine are becoming more and more obvious," the President emphasized.

"In any terrible confrontation, there is always a point at which the catastrophe can be stopped. Ukraine is this opportunity. And all of us in the free world must be unwavering in our desires, actions and goals," the Head of State urged.

"We, all Ukrainians, started our defense when almost no one believed in Ukraine. But we turned the game around and now the world does not believe in Russia," the Head of State said.

He reminded that in response to all requests for weapons and military assistance, Ukraine had heard calls "not to escalate", which sounded like a "green light" for Putin. As a result, our country has lost time.

"The lives of many of our most experienced soldiers who have been fighting since 2014 have been lost. Some opportunities were lost. The lesson is obvious. Everyone thought that Russia had missiles that could not be shot down. "Patriots shoot down everything," Zelensky emphasized.

Zelensky thanked his partners for the new sanctions packages, but reminded them that every Russian missile being manufactured today has components from Western countries.

"How can we be satisfied with sanctions against Russia or export restrictions if they do not even block its missile production? Every Russian missile has critical components from Western countries. Dozens of components in each missile. This is a fact," the President said.

"It is a clear weakness of the West that the Russian nuclear industry is still not under sanctions, despite the fact that Putin is the only terrorist in the world who has taken nuclear power plants hostage. There must be a strong decision this year," Zelensky emphasized.

"We need to dispel the idea that global unity is weaker than the hatred of one person, and we can do it. Ladies and gentlemen, this year should be remarkable," the Ukrainian leader said.

The President of Ukraine also warned against freezing the conflict in Ukraine, recalling that this has already happened in the Ukrainian Donbas and resulted in a full-scale war.

"Let me remind you that after 2014 there were attempts to freeze the war in Donbas. There were very influential guarantors of this process - the then German Chancellor and the then French presidents. But Putin is a predator who is not satisfied with frozen food. And we have to protect ourselves, our children, our homes, our lives. We have to do it. We can defeat him on the ground. We have proven it. And at sea and in the sky," Zelensky said.

The day before, during a meeting with the President of Switzerland, Zelensky discussed holding the first Global Peace Summit.

"Today, our teams have already begun work on organizing such a summit. Not of World War III, but of the Global Peace Summit. And I invite every leader and every country that respects peace and international law to join us," the President summarized, emphasizing that peace must be the answer.

As reported by OBOZ.UA:

- Zelensky met with NATO Secretary General Jens Stoltenberg in Davos, Switzerland. The parties discussed the situation on the battlefield, the defense needs of our country, further strengthening of the Ukrainian air defense system and other issues.

- The day before, the President of Ukraine began a working visit to Switzerland. During his visit, he met with the heads of both houses of parliament, party leaders and President Viola Amgerd.

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