"We entered houses and just shot": occupier confesses to mass civilian killings in the Luhansk region. Interception

The Russian confessed to killing everyone - children, women and the elderly

The Russian occupiers have committed and continue to commit terrible atrocities against Ukrainians. And one of them has confessed to it. A Russian war criminal spoke about mass civilian killings in the Luhansk region.

This is evidenced by the audio interception of the occupier's telephone conversation, which the Defence Intelligence of Ukraine managed to obtain. The Russian admitted that he killed everyone - children, women and the elderly (to listen to the audio, scroll to the bottom of the page).

"Today we entered and started killing everyone there. Just shot an old lady... I'm telling you, we killed at least 400 people tonight. We just went in brazenly: we thought, well, if they kill us, then whatever happens. But I don't give a f*ck. I know that I'm going to take so many people with me," the occupier said.

He admitted that he worked with machine gunners.

"And we had machine gunners, like, let's mow everyone the fuck down: children, women, men, locals, non-locals, just mowed everyone down. We went into the houses and just shot them. We were just tired of everything," the Russian war criminal said.

In addition, he revealed why he committed such an act.

"We were just given an order: guys, take away Kreminna. We just mowed down everyone, we just trashed everything, we just trashed everything from night to morning. We just mowed it down. I didn't sleep for three days," said the invader.


As OBOZREVATEL previously reported, while the Russian occupiers in the territories seized in Ukraine are preparing for a counter-offensive by the Ukrainian Armed Forces, their families in Russia are complaining about "anxiety". Thus, the invader's wife was frightened by the actions of the Defence Forces and urged her husband "not to be a hero".

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