Ukrainian special forces "cleaned up" Wagnerites in Sudan: full video has appeared

Kyiv Post shows full video of Ukrainian special forces "mopping up" Wagner's mercenaries in Sudan

Two videos have been posted online showing Ukrainian special forces "hunting" for mercenaries of the Kremlin's terrorist PMC Wagner in Sudan. The Main Directorate of Intelligence was the first to report this special operation to OBOZ.UA on October 12.

The Kyiv Post, citing its sources in Ukraine's security and defense sector, essentially confirmed our information that a Main Directorate of Intelligence operation to "clean up" Wagnerites, their local terrorists and Russian special services officers is underway in this African country.

"The footage shows the work of, probably, special units of the Main Directorate of Intelligence of the Ministry of Defense of Ukraine," the source commented on the footage.

The security official declined to provide details of the operation for security reasons. However, he noted that the videos were filmed "within the last two weeks" in a city in Sudan.

Most likely, the first black-and-white video was shot at night by a drone in the infrared spectrum. The footage shows a small unit of soldiers surrounding a building, with targets highlighted in red. One of the commandos uses a hand-held grenade launcher to shoot through a window of the building.

Then you can see several explosions in the footage taken with a regular camera. They alternate with black-and-white footage taken with an infrared camera.

In the video, the explosions brightly illuminate the night streets. Some of the militants trapped in the building begin to shoot back, while others try to escape.

The second video was shot during the day, also from a drone, at an altitude of 200-400 meters above the ground. Ukrainian special forces are not visible in it, but their work is visible: the militants targeted for cleansing are running away through the streets of a densely populated city or village, but they are "caught up" by precise strikes, the explosions of which are clearly visible in the footage.

The Ukrainian government has not officially recognized either the deployment of combat units in Sudan or the conduct of operations against Wagner PMC militants in that country.

Andriy Yusov, a representative of the Defence Intelligence of Ukraine, responded to a request from Ukrainian journalists: "We can neither confirm nor deny this."

On September 20, CNN attributed a series of drone strikes and a ground operation in Sudan to Ukraine's military intelligence. It was about the attacks on the Rapid Support Forces (RSF) militants, who are supported by Wagner. The publication wrote that a series of drone strikes near the Sudanese capital on militants was very "characteristic" of Ukrainian special forces.

As reported by OBOZ.UA, the Main Directorate of Intelligence fighters did indeed conduct ground operations in Sudan. There they fought against the forces supporting the Russian private military company Wagner. The editorial office has exclusive footage of one of these covert operations.

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