Ukrainian maritime drones fail to detect Russian reconnaissance ship Ivan Khurs. Video.

Naval drone damages enemy reconnaissance ship

The Defence Intelligence of Ukraine has confirmed a strike on the Ivan Khurs vessel, which was conducting a reconnaissance mission in the Bosphorus Strait. At least one of the three maritime drones sent to attack the enemy ship has reached its target.

Footage of a maritime drone rapidly approaching the Russian navy facility was posted by OBOZREVATEL editor-in-chief Orest Sohar on his Telegram channel. He stressed that the Russian Ministry of Defence's reports traditionally conceal the facts of the naval battle (to watch the video, scroll to the end).

"Konashenkov (spokesman for the Russian Ministry of Defence - Ed.) lied twice, claiming that all "three naval drones were destroyed from the regular armament of the Russian ship" and that the "ship itself was not damaged". At least one of the drones hit an enemy object," the statement said.


The Ivan Khurs military intelligence ship is named after a vice-admiral of the USSR Navy's General Staff. The ship was launched in 2017 and monitored the components of the US missile defence system and anti-aircraft missile system. The Khurs was assigned a home port in the temporarily Moscow-controlled Sevastopol.


Earlier, OBOZREVATEL reported that in early May it became known that the Russian army had withdrawn most of the warships from the temporarily occupied Sevastopol in Crimea. The invaders moved the warships to Novosibirsk for fear of being attacked on the peninsula.

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