Ukraine will receive 12 combat helicopters from North Macedonia – Minister of Defense

North Macedonia to transfer 12 Mi-24 helicopters to Ukraine

North Macedonia plans to transfer 12 Mi-24 combat helicopters to Ukraine. The country's General Staff has approved the move, and the final decision will be made at the next government meeting.

The Minister of Defense of North Macedonia, Slavjanka Petrovska, reported on it in the 360 Degrees TV show on the Alsat channel, writes Nezavisen newspaper. According to the official, "the transfer of helicopters to Ukraine will not weaken the defense capabilities of North Macedonia, as some of the helicopters have not been used for some time." The country received them from Ukraine in 2001.

"All the equipment that has been transferred so far, apart from the fact that it is at the request of the Ukrainians, they need it, and it is equipment that the Ukrainian army is skillfully using. This is equipment that, according to our plans, is reaching the end of its service life," Petrovska said.

The minister also emphasized that the total value of the assistance provided by North Macedonia to Ukraine during the full-scale war has already amounted to about €30 million. In turn, the country is financially supported by the United States. Currently, North Macedonia plans to purchase eight multipurpose helicopters.

Recall that earlier North Macedonia confirmed the transfer of four Su-25 aircraft to Ukraine. However, they can only be used for spare parts. It is about four Su-25s that are not fit for flight (three single-seat Su-25s and one two-seat Su-25UB).

As OBOZREVATEL reported, the Ministry of Defense of North Macedonia handed over T-72 tanks to Ukraine. These are "third generation" vehicles from the battalion, which is planned to be disbanded soon.

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