Ukraine will have to defend itself for several more months: British Commander-in-Chief explains when to expect AFU's counteroffensive

Ukraine will defend itself for several more months

Ukraine will be able to launch a new counteroffensive by the end of summer at best. In the spring, Ukrainian defenders will still lack ammunition and "will lag behind in the war with Russia."

This is the opinion of the British Chief of Naval Operations, Admiral Sir Tony Radakin. According to him, we should wait until the West agrees to take further steps to support Ukraine.

The British admiral emphasized the urgent need to increase military assistance to Ukraine. Radakin emphasized that our country faced a difficult situation "due to problems with ammunition" immediately after the US military aid was suspended. Europe is not yet able to fill this gap.

At the moment, there are talks among NATO allies about "how to increase support for Ukraine." However, real statements and real help will come either during or before the July NATO summit in Washington, the British chief said.

"I think this predicament is likely to continue for at least the next few months," Radakin said. He also does not rule out that the Ukrainian army's counteroffensive will not begin until next year.

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