Ukraine will be forced to risk F-16 jets even if it means losing them in the first months of fighting - Forbes

F-16 fighter jet. Source: US Air Force

The F-16 fighter jets that Ukraine is about to receive are needed to counter Russian Su-34 and Su-35 jets that are dropping guided bombs on Ukrainian positions and frontline settlements. Currently, our country "can do very little to repel them". Thus, F-16s may give it a chance.

Forbes writes about this. "50 or 60 F-16 jets that Ukraine is going to receive from Denmark, the Netherlands, and Norway could give Ukrainian commanders new opportunities," the article says.

By detecting targets up to 70 miles away with their AN/APG-66(V)2 radars, F-16 pilots could launch AIM-120 missiles from a distance sufficient to hit Russian aircraft without going deep into Russian-controlled territory.

The authors note that the F-16, although equipped with the AN/ALQ-213 self-defense system, which allows it to safely approach the front line, is not a superweapon or invulnerable to enemy missiles. Because of this, the publication predicts that Ukraine may lose these aircraft - "potentially many of them" - in the first weeks and months.

Forbes writes that if Ukrainian commanders truly realize the danger that Russian guided bombs pose to Ukrainian ground positions, they should "aggressively deploy the jets" and target Russian aircraft with cruise missiles.

"The problem posed by the widespread use of UAVs is likely to persist. It can only be solved by additional purchases and deployment of Patriot and F-16 air defense systems equipped with modern air-to-air missiles," the Ukrainian analytical group Frontelligence Insight explains.

The article states that Russian anti-aircraft missiles are probably the decisive weapon in the 25th month of the full-scale war. With their help, the occupiers are systematically destroying Ukrainian defense, making it easier for their army's assault groups to advance. That is why Ukrainian F-16 jets must "hunt" Russian fighters even if it is dangerous.

As reported, Ukraine will receive F-16 fighters in the first half of this year. First, the planes will arrive from Denmark.

Meanwhile, it has become known that the first group of Ukrainian pilots has successfully completed intensive basic flight training on F-16 jets under the guidance of instructors from the British Royal Air Force. This program included basic flight, technical and language training, which took place in the UK.

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