"Ukraine is not our enemy": Putin cynically says he wants the war to end, recalling the events in Belgorod

Putin cynically says he wants the war to end

Russian dictator Vladimir Putin cynically lied that he does not consider Ukraine an enemy. According to the Kremlin terrorist, Russia's enemies are those who want to achieve Russia's strategic defeat on the battlefield and destroy Russian statehood.

He also revealed that he wants the war to end as soon as possible. Putin said this during a meeting with the wounded occupiers in a Moscow hospital.

The Kremlin leader once again complained that political elites in the West want Russia to be defeated on the battlefield. Putin added that many in the West allegedly sympathize with the aggressor country.

"Ukraine itself is not an enemy for us. But those who want to destroy Russian statehood, those who want to achieve, as they say, Russia's strategic defeat on the battlefield, and this is mainly those in the West. There are different people in the West, there are people who sympathize with us, who are with us spiritually. But there are so-called elites for whom the existence of Russia, at least in its current quality and its current size, is unacceptable," the dictator said.

The war criminal also said that he wants to end the war in Ukraine as soon as possible but on his own terms. The dictator revealed that the aggressor country does not intend to give up its positions.

In addition, at the meeting with the occupiers, Putin mentioned the explosions in Belgorod. The war criminal called these events a "terrorist attack" and claimed that Ukraine had allegedly targeted civilians. At the same time, Putin cynically lied that Russia was not going to retaliate against civilians but would target military targets.

On the night of December 30, more than 70 Ukrainian drones attacked military installations in Belgorod and the region, from where Russian troops often fire S-300 missiles at the Kharkiv region. The attack continued on Saturday afternoon and was the aggressor's response to the massive shelling of Ukraine on December 29.

Earlier, it was reported that the troops of the aggressor country Russia attacked Odesa with kamikaze drones on New Year's Eve. The wreckage of downed Russian UAVs was recorded, and fires broke out in residential buildings.

As reported, in Lviv, as a result of a Russian attack by kamikaze drones, a fire broke out in the museum of The Ukrainian Insurgent Army Commander-in-Chief Roman Shukhevych in the morning of January 1. At the same time, the building of the university where The Ukrainian Insurgent Army leader Stepan Bandera studied caught fire near the regional center.

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