Ukraine is building three lines of fortifications in case the war enters a new phase, - Ustinova

Ukraine is building fortifications and preparing for defense

Ukraine is counting on Congress to approve about $60 billion in aid for Ukraine. In particular, the Ukrainian army desperately needs weapons.

However, the country's military and political leadership is also preparing for a worst-case scenario, when the army will have to defend itself against enemy attacks: three lines of defensive fortifications are currently being built. This was stated by Oleksandra Ustinova, MP, head of the Temporary Special Commission (TSC) of the Verkhovna Rada on monitoring the supply of weapons, during a telethon.

She expressed hope that the US Congress would eventually continue to provide assistance to Ukraine.

"I hope that the aid will be voted for. First of all, it concerns the supply of weapons to Ukraine. Because we understand that the key thing we need now is weapons," Ustinova said.

The budget request submitted to the Congress by US President Joe Biden includes more than $20 billion out of a total of $60 billion for weapons supplies. Another $11.8 billion, if the request is approved, will be used for direct budgetary funding.

"And the 800 million that the United States plans to allocate are the balances that were on the accounts and that remained from the previous budget that Congress voted for us," Ustinova added.

However, the MP emphasized that regardless of the results of the vote in Congress, the situation with weapons for the Ukrainian army will not be easy. Therefore, Ukraine is now preparing for the fact that the war may enter a new phase.

"If there are no weapons, we are already preparing. We are preparing fortifications in three lines. We understand that if we have to move to a defensive war now, especially in winter, and not go on the offensive, as it was before, and we understand perfectly well that even when the money is allocated, the world is running out of ammunition," Ustinova stated.

Earlier, U.S. Ambassador to Ukraine Bridget Brink called on Congress to approve aid for Ukraine. She emphasized that the new aid would enable Ukraine's troops to continue fighting Russian aggression.

The diplomat emphasized that the aid should be delivered as soon as possible: it is in the interests of both Ukraine and the United States.

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