Ukraine continues negotiations with China on participation in the Global Peace Summit, - Dmytro Kuleba

Trust between the countries exists, says Foreign Minister

Ukraine is continuing its dialog with China in order to involve it in the upcoming Global Peace Summit in Switzerland. While trust exists between Kyiv and Beijing, the Ukrainian peace formula remains a subject of discussion.

This was stated by Ukrainian Foreign Minister Dmytro Kuleba during an online briefing for foreign media. In particular, he noted that Ukraine has never had any problems in its relations with China.

"Ukraine and China have never had any problems either in our core issues or in our bilateral relations, so there is trust," the Foreign Minister said.

He added that Kyiv is currently working on a peace formula, which is currently the main peace initiative in the world.

"The main peace proposal that is currently on the table in the world is the Ukrainian peace formula proposed by President Zelenskyy. And we are working on it, including convening the first peace summit," Kuleba said.

According to the minister, this has been and remains a subject of discussion with representatives of the PRC.

"It is obvious to me that China certainly has a very great potential to put an end to this war, Russian aggression against Ukraine, because of the special relations it has with Russia," the Ukrainian Foreign Minister said.

As reported by OBOZ.UA:

– The US intelligence service said that China has recently been providing economic and security support to Russia, and trade between the two countries has increased significantly since Russia invaded Ukraine.

– In early March, after its representative's trip to the EU, China reiterated its calls for peace talks between Ukraine and Russia.

– ISW believes that Moscow will continue to use such "peace" initiatives to promote information operations aimed at obtaining concessions from the West.

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