"Today the victim was Ukraine, and tomorrow it could be any of us": Duda compared Putin to Hitler at the UN

Duda compares Putin to Hitler at the UN

Polish President Andrzej Duda criticized Russian dictator Vladimir Putin. He compared the Russian leader to Hitler for his full-scale invasion of Ukraine.

Andrzej Duda said this at the UN General Assembly during a press conference in New York. The Polish president also expressed his support for Ukraine.

He recalled that after the Second World War, the UN was created to prevent the recurrence of devastating bloodshed. The world lived by new rules, where human rights, the inviolability of state borders and the sovereignty of countries would be decisive. However, the world is now facing a terrible challenge again.

"As a result of Russia's full-scale aggression against Ukraine, hundreds of thousands of people have been killed or injured. Millions have been forced to flee their own country. Hundreds of millions around the world have faced hunger and serious economic devastation. Russia's brutal aggression has brought huge global problems," he said.

He recalled that in September 1939, Nazi Germany invaded Poland, which was the trigger for the outbreak of World War II. 17 days later, Poland was stabbed in the back by Hitler's ally, the USSR. Poland lost its independence for decades.

"This is why we understand the tragedy of Ukraine better than any other country in the world. As well as the tragedies of other countries that have faced the horrors of war," the Polish leader added.

Like Hitler in his time, Russian President Vladimir Putin has suddenly set out to revive the empire and "change the world order"

"When the war against Ukraine was unleashed, Vladimir Putin wanted to restore the Russian empire. He wanted to divide the world and make Europe constantly dependent on his raw materials. But he achieved nothing. And I am sure that he will never achieve anything again," Duda emphasized.

He also called on the international community to be bold.

"Today, the world needs courageous leaders who would look to the future... The late Polish President Lech Kaczynski was such a leader. More than a decade ago, he tried to awaken consciousness and to draw the attention of world politicians to Putin's imperialist policy," Duda said.

He added that the absence of punishment for the aggressor's crimes creates a sense of impunity for criminals and encourages new aggressors. Therefore, Poland supports all the efforts of the international community and international institutions to investigate Russia's war crimes against Ukraine and advocates for the establishment of a special military tribunal.

He emphasized the importance of providing military assistance to Ukraine.

"Today, many states are accused of prolonging the war by supplying the necessary weapons for Ukraine's defense. This is a completely distorted, twisted logic. It is as if we are accusing a person who helps his neighbor to protect his house from burglars. If someone attacks your family and your home, you have the right to defend yourself. The neighbors should not stand by. Ukraine must resist aggression and effectively defend its independence. But this would not be possible if it were not for the assistance provided by other countries. First of all, the United States, which has played an extremely important role in ensuring the security of Europe for a century," Duda said.

As OBOZREVATEL previously reported, Poland and Ukraine have agreed on a new military aid package. It will include armored personnel carriers, MiG-29 fighters, air defense systems, mortars and other weapons.

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