"This is a completely unworkable construction." Danilov rejects the idea of Ukraine's accession to NATO without occupied territories

Danilov speaks about the possibility of Ukraine joining NATO without the territories occupied by Russia

Ukraine is not considering the option of joining NATO without the occupied territories. Such ideas are a "unworkable construction".

Secretary of the National Security and Defense Council of Ukraine Oleksiy Danilov said this in an interview with Voice of America. He emphasized that the Constitution of Ukraine enshrines Ukraine's aspiration to join the European Union and NATO, and that the territorial integrity of our country is not questioned by any civilized country in the world.

"We (Ukraine - Ed.) are a single organism. We cannot transfer a part of the body and forget the other part somewhere else. This is a completely unworkable construction. I don't know who has such not quite correct thoughts in their heads. Because it is simply impossible," Danilov commented on the possibility of Ukraine's partial accession to NATO.

He emphasized that Ukraine has irreversibly set a course to join the North Atlantic Alliance and the EU, and the territorial integrity of our country is recognized by the international community.

"I emphasize once again: our Constitution clearly states that we are a member of the EU and NATO, and Ukraine's territorial integrity is recognized by all civilized countries. Therefore, it is incorrect to say that one part will go in one direction, while the other part will wait for something," Danilov summarized.

Earlier, Danilov commented on the fighting for Maryinka and Russian tactics. According to the NSDC Secretary, a small part of the ruins of this city in Donetsk region is still controlled by the Ukrainian Armed Forces. However, the Russian invaders want to capture Maryinka completely.

Danilov emphasized that the situation in Maryinka is worse than in Bakhmut due to the terrain.

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