Thirty "bavovna" points in a week: Ukrainian warriors delivered effective strikes against the enemy. Map

The occupiers suffered heavy losses

Ukraine's armed forces inflicted significant losses on the Russian occupation army in the temporarily occupied Ukrainian territories during the week. Between June 12 and 18, the occupiers lost at least ten arms depots and 20 of their bases in Ukraine.

"Bavovna" was at the enemy 30 times during the week, strikes were carried out against BK depots and headquarters in Zaporizhzhia, Luhansk, Donetsk, and Kherson regions of Ukraine. A map of the demilitarization of the Russian army was published in the Telegram channel "Armed Forces of Ukraine. War with the occupants".


- Tokmak, Zaporizhzhia Oblast - hitting the baseline, minus ammunition load;

- Kadiyivka, Luhansk Region - hit in the baseline;

- Vasilivka District, Zaporizhzhya Region - 2 hits to the base, minus the ammunition load;

- Luhansk - minus base;

- Alchevsk, Luhansk Region - 2 hits to base;

- Kreminna (district), Luhansk Region- minus a base;

- Volnovakha District, Donetsk Region - minus headquarters, hit in the base, minus ammunition load;

- Kakhovka District, Kherson Region - hit at the base;

- Donetsk - hit in the basing;

- Berdyansk District, Zaporizhzhia Region - 2 hits to the basing, minus the ammunition load;

- Gorlivka, Donetsk region - hit in the bases;

- Genichesk District, Kherson Region - minus a ammunition load and a command post;

- Skadovsk District, Kherson Region - minus 2 ammunition load;

- Polohy District, Zaporizhzhya Region - 3 hits to the base, minus a ammunition load;

- Bakhmut District, Donetsk Region - minus ammunition load.

Earlier it became known that the strike on Rykove near Genichesk and Lazurne in the Kherson region on June 18 eliminated 52 Russian occupants, and a great many more invaders received injuries of varying severity, amputations, etc. The scale of destruction is also maximum, as there was a great deal of ammunition load that detonated over 5-6 hours in the "arrival" area.

A huge number of weapons were stored in the buildings and in the surrounding area, which were further transported to the Zaporizhzhia direction.

And on June 13, explosions went off in occupied Luhansk. Russian propagandists complained that the AFU launched two Storm Shadow missiles.

Also, one of the powerful strikes by the AFU struck recreation bases in the town of Primorsk in Zaporizhzhia region, where hundreds of occupants were located. As a result of a successful workout, a lot of enemy equipment and Russians were destroyed.

As reported by OBOZREVATEL, the defenders of Ukraine during June 17 "demilitarized" on the front at least 650 war criminals from the ranks of the Russian army. In total, on the 480th day of the full-scale war, losses of occupation troops have already exceeded 219,820.

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