"These deliveries should be effective": Poland clarifies plans to transfer MiG-29 fighters to Ukraine

Warsaw has 40 MiG-29s in service

Poland will not transfer all of the MiG-29 fighters it has in service to Ukraine. Deliveries of combat aircraft will take place consistently - the main thing is that they should be effective.

Deputy Minister of Foreign Affairs of Poland Paweł Jabłoński stated this on air of RMF 24 on Monday, March 27. According to him, the transfer of all MIGs is out of the question.

"No, I do not think we will give all MiG-29 fighters to Ukraine," he said.

The Polish deputy foreign minister clarified that the planes would be delivered to Kyiv in stages.

"First, to make these deliveries effective... At the same time, we are strengthening Poland's security," he explained.

According to the Polish media, Warsaw has 40 MiG-29s in service, but the Polish Air Force uses only 29 of them. The rest have not been repaired or modernized for years.

As OBOZREVATEL reported:

- On March 23, it became known that Slovakia transferred the first four MiG-29s to Ukraine. Ukrainian pilots were at the controls of the fighters leaving the Slovakian sky. In the coming weeks, Kyiv will receive all the promised aircraft.

- In early March, it was reported that Slovakia might give Ukraine 10 out of 11 of its MiG-29. If Bratislava does so, it will become the first NATO member state to provide combat aircraft to the Ukrainian Armed Forces, Western media reported.

- On 16 March, Polish President Andrzej Duda said that the first four MiG-29s would go to Ukraine in the coming days.

- Earlier, Duda said that Poland was ready to transfer its MiG-29s to Ukraine as part of the international coalition. He noted that the Armed Forces of Ukraine will start using them immediately. According to him, Warsaw still has "a dozen MiG-29s" received in the early 90s from the GDR army. To replace them, the Polish army will receive new FA-50s from South Korea and F-35s.

- Warsaw has not officially announced how many aircraft it plans to transfer to Kyiv. No deadlines have been officially announced either.

- Yurii Ihnat , the spokesperson of the Ukrainian Air Force, said that the Ukrainian Armed Forces already has MiG-29s, and that the additional aircraft will provide a supply of donor spare parts and even help Ukrainian aviation in small numbers.

- According to military expert Oleh Katkov, the delivery of modernized MiG-29s will be "more than a strong reinforcement of the Ukrainian Armed Forces."

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