The White House calls Russia's accusations of an American attack on the Kremlin ridiculous

John Kirby calls Peskov's accusations "ridiculous"

Moscow has accused the United States of involvement in a drone attack on the Kremlin and an attempt on President Putin's life. However, Kyiv and Washington deny these accusations.

This was reported by CNN. Earlier, Kremlin spokesman Dmitry Peskov said that the decision to attack the Kremlin was dictated to Kyiv from Washington, and Ukraine simply followed the order.

"We know that often it is not even Kyiv that defines the goals, they are defined in Washington, and then these goals are communicated to Kyiv for Kyiv to implement," Peskov said.

Peskov did not provide any evidence for his claims and did not give any further details about the alleged attack, saying that the information would be disclosed later. He also told reporters that Putin remained "calm" despite the alleged "assassination attempt".

White House spokesman John Kirby called Peskov's accusations that the US sent Ukraine to carry out a drone attack on the Kremlin and assassinate President Vladimir Putin "ridiculous".

Earlier, US officials said that they were still analysing the incident and did not have enough information to identify potential perpetrators.

As a reminder, the press service of Russian President Vladimir Putin said that Ukraine tried to strike at the Kremlin at night with the aim of assassinating the dictator. Allegedly, two drones were targeting the building.

Earlier it was reported that at around 3 am in Moscow, explosions were heard near the Kremlin. Eyewitnesses reported seeing sparks in the sky. A video showing smoke rising above Putin's residence was posted online.

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