The US will provide Ukraine with more than $60 billion: Markarova explains what the money will be spent on

Biden submits budget request to the US Congress for $150 billion to help Ukraine and Israel

On October 20, the White House submitted a budget request to the U.S. Congress for $105 billion to protect U.S. borders and help partner countries. If this amount is allocated, more than $61 billion will be allocated to Ukraine.

The lion's share of this amount will be spent on defense spending, and about $12 billion will go to direct support for the Ukrainian budget. This was stated by Ambassador of Ukraine to the United States Oksana Markarova.

She emphasized that at the moment we can only talk about the vision of the US presidential administration, and the final figures should be analyzed only after the White House request turns into a budget document in Congress.

Currently, the White House has submitted a budget request to Congress for $105 billion. Of this amount, 61.4 billion is either directly earmarked for Ukraine or relates to our country.

Thus, of this amount, the US presidential administration plans to allocate $46.1 billion for defense, of which $30.6 billion, according to the White House's vision, should go to programs for the Pentagon.

About $18 billion is to be used to replenish defense goods from the US Department of Defense warehouses, reimburse defense services and military education and training provided to the Ukrainian government.

Another $12 billion is earmarked for the Ukraine Security Assistance Initiative (USAI), a Pentagon funding program to increase Ukraine's ability to defend itself against Russian aggression by training the Armed Forces, providing equipment and advice.

According to the White House's vision, $1.7 billion should be used to finance the State Department's Foreign Military Financing program for Ukraine and other US partners affected by the war in Ukraine. This refers to the US Foreign Military Financing Program, which provides grants and loans to help countries purchase weapons and defense equipment manufactured in the United States, as well as receive defense services and military training.

The $14.4 billion, according to the White House's request, will be used to finance technical and intelligence support, increase weapons production, cybersecurity, and more.

The $14.75 billion for economic, financial, civilian, and nuclear security specified in the request of the US Presidential Administration includes, in particular, $11.8 billion for direct budget support to Ukraine.

Another $2.2 billion could be used to support urgent recovery and programming needs in Ukraine and other conflict-affected countries in the region. 360 million will be allocated to the State Department to support the Ukrainian government in restoring and maintaining the rule of law, with a focus on recently liberated and war-affected areas.

The State Department may also receive another $100 million for nonproliferation, counterterrorism, demining, and related programs.

According to the White House's budget request, $149.5 million in nuclear security assistance may be transferred to the U.S. National Nuclear Security Administration (U.S. Department of Energy).

481 million dollars, if approved by the Congress, will be used for humanitarian aid, in particular, funding for support programs for Ukrainians arriving in the United States under the Uniting for Ukraine program. In addition, Ukraine is offered to receive a significant portion of the funding provided for humanitarian aid to our country, Israel, and regions affected by the fighting, but the distribution of the amount between the countries has not yet been finalized.

3.5 billion can be used to provide humanitarian assistance through the U.S. State Department's programs to Ukraine and Israel, as well as to regions affected by the situation in Israel and the war in Ukraine.

And $5.7 billion is intended to fund USAID programs to meet the growing humanitarian needs caused by Russia's war in Ukraine, the outbreak of the conflict in Gaza, and the cascading regional and global consequences of these crises.

Markarova also noted that in the U.S. House of Representatives, this proposal can be brought to the floor for consideration and vote only after the issue of electing a speaker is resolved.

Earlier, White House National Security Advisor Jake Sullivan explained the importance of the $105 billion budget request for Ukraine and Israel. According to him, US President Joe Biden's request for funding to help Ukraine and Israel plays a crucial role in the security of Americans themselves. These two wars have become a global turning point.

Biden himself has made statements about the wars in Ukraine and Israel. Among other things, he noted that the regime of Russian President Vladimir Putin and Hamas have in common the desire to destroy democracy.

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