The range will be increased: Ukrainian analogs of Lancet drones passed the first tests

Ukrainian analogs of Lancets have passed their first tests. Illustrative photo

Preliminary tests of Ukrainian analogs of the Lancet UAV have been completed. They were successful for the drones produced by the two companies.

They will be tested in combat conditions. Mykhailo Fedorov, Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Digital Transformation of Ukraine, spoke about this, as well as some technical characteristics of Ukrainian drones.

According to the official, tests of analogs of the Russian Lancets, developed by Ukrainian companies, have been underway in recent days. Drones from two manufacturers have successfully passed them. The next stage is ahead: testing in combat conditions.

Fedorov is confident that it is quite possible to start production of about a hundred such UAVs within a few months.

He added that the development and production of Ukrainian analogs of Lancets is a priority for the Ukrainian government, as such a drone will be able to engage enemy equipment at a distance that is twice as far as the capabilities of FPV drones currently used by Ukrainian soldiers on the front line: they operate at a distance of 30-40 km, while FPV drones reach targets at most 20 km from the launch point.

Another advantage of Lancet drones, Fedorov noted, is the ability to use them during the day. Instead, large quadcopters are currently used at night.

In addition, these drones are controlled by a video channel: this allows them to be guided and correct the movement of the "birds" during the attack. They are also equipped with a target acquisition function, which allows them to aim at a target in the last 300-500 meters before hitting it without direct communication with the drone.

According to Fedorov, the market for such drones has now been launched in Ukraine.

"This is a technological product, so it was impossible to launch it immediately, we had to launch the market... and now we have the result... There will be 2-3 products on the market that compete with each other, and in a year there will be a dozen such companies," the Minister of Digital Transformation is confident.

As a reminder, Fedorov announced on February 7 this year that Ukraine would soon start mass-producing kamikaze drones similar to the Russian Lancets.

"In the range of up to 20 km, we have a large number of copters that are used, FPV drones, but at night it is quite difficult to find a target in the range of 20 km. We see this in the statistics. We need to hit at 40 kilometers. Lancet-type drones are quite high-tech, and it took six months to accelerate the market in this direction," the official said at the time.

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