The Pentagon has confirmed that cluster munitions are already in Ukraine: the AFU has told how they will affect the situation on the frontline

Pentagon confirms cluster munitions already in Ukraine

Ukraine has already received cluster munitions from the United States of America. They will "unambiguously change the situation" on the front.

Lieutenant General Douglas Sims, director of the Joint Chiefs of Staff of the US Army, confirmed the delivery of the weapons at a briefing on 13 July, AP reported. However, he did not provide any other details.

"As of right now, cluster munitions have indeed been delivered to Ukraine," Sims said, without specifying whether they had already been used in combat.

For his part, Valeryi Shershen, speaker of the Joint Press Center of the Tavriia Defense Forces, told Radio Liberty on air how the said munitions will change the situation on the battlefield. In his opinion, they will further demotivate the occupants and drastically play in favor of the Defense Forces.

Shershen emphasized, referring to the statement of the commander of the group of troops "Tavriia" Oleksandr Tarnavsky, that cluster munitions will be used exclusively in the legal field, only for the de-occupation of Ukrainian territories. This weapon will not be used by the Ukrainian military on Russian territory, in cities or densely populated areas.

"Cluster munitions will be used only in areas where the Russian military is concentrated to break through the enemy's defenses," Shershen stressed.

"The enemy also realizes that we recieved an advantage with this munition. The enemy will give that piece of terrain where there is an opportunity to use this," Tarnavsky noted earlier.

According to the commander, the Defense Forces have not yet used them on the battlefield. The top leadership will decide on "sections of territory where it can be used."

As reported OBOZREVATEL:

- The US announced a new aid package to Ukraine with cluster munitions on July 7. Ukraine has repeatedly requested them because they will allow to destroy enemy infantry and equipment much more effectively;

- China reacted negatively to the US decision to transfer cluster munitions to Ukraine. They said that "you can't add fuel to the fire," called the supply of such weapons irresponsible and added that it could lead to "humanitarian problems."

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