The occupiers use bizarre sheds to hide tanks in the Bakhmut direction: they create serious problems

Russians are building monsters in their attempts to advance. Source: Defense Express

In the Bakhmut sector, the Russian occupiers have begun to use so-called sheds to hide tanks more often. These are ordinary tanks, but they are fully armored like metal sheds.

This was stated by a National Guard soldier from the Rubizh Brigade with the call sign "Chezh". He noted that it is difficult to fight it, but not impossible.

"This tank comes out and shoots at the same position and destroys it. It is followed by two armored personnel carriers with troops on board. The tank continues to fire, while the infantry tries to land, and then the vehicles go back. They barely managed to dismount it, and then finished it off with all means," the Ukrainian defender said.

"Czech" also noted that the Russians have increased the number of artillery and aviation in the Bakhmut sector. However, both "work rather inaccurately".

"90% of artillery shells goes by (i.e. far past the target). In terms of the number of FPV drones, they are still working very poorly. We have a great advantage and this allows us to equalize this limit in the number of their artillery and ammunition," the military clarified.

Defense Express experts showed a video of such sheds. They noted that the enemy is constantly changing its "versions" in search of a better solution.

It is noted that such a design does allow us to talk about enhanced protection against FPV drones, which require accurate hits to vulnerable areas of the vehicle to be effective.

"The real task of such vehicles is transportation. In fact, this is a heavy armored personnel carrier on a tank base, which is designed to transport personnel and cargo. And the question of its effectiveness or ineffectiveness lies only in the saturation of anti-tank defense, which can only be effective when all anti-tank weapons are used, not just FPV drones," the experts say.

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