The occupants struck an apartment building in Avdeevka and shelled Kherson region: a woman was killed and there are wounded

The aggressor resorts to scorched earth tactics, the regional military administration said

On the morning of May 23, Russian occupation troops launched an airstrike on a nine-story house in Avdiivka, Donetsk region. At least two people were wounded as a result of the shelling, and up to five people may be under the rubble. In addition, the invaders shelled Kozatske in Kherson Region, killing a 62-year-old woman.

The attack was reported by Pavel Kirilenko, head of the Donetsk regional military administration. He also published a photo of the aftermath of the attack (to see, scroll to the end of the news).

"Russian occupation and terrorist troops continue to systematically and methodically destroy the city," Kirilenko wrote in his Telegram channel.

The head of the regional military administration added that since 2014 Avdiivka has been "worthily and steadfastly withstanding" the invasion of the occupants. In its effort to seize the city, the aggressor has resorted to scorched earth tactics.

The 1,700 people who remain in Avdiivka put themselves in mortal danger every day , Kirilenko stressed.

"There are possibilities and means for evacuation. All citizens must leave the zone of active hostilities. Life is priceless. Evacuate!" - he urged.

As the head of the Avdiivka city military administration Vitaly Barabash told "Suspilniy", the strike was carried out at 10:00 am.

"An apartment building in Avdiivka was destroyed by another Russian missile. Nine floors up to the foundation. There are two people under the rubble, but there could be up to five. Two people were wounded, one woman is in serious condition," he informed.

The Kozatske, Kizomis, Stanislav, Berislav and Mikhailivka of the Kherson region were also shelled . In Berislav the occupants hit the local cemetery, the head of the press office of the Kherson regional military administration Alexander Tolokonnikov said in the broadcast of the telethon.

"In the afternoon a mortar was fired at the village of Kozatske. A 62-year-old woman died there. She was found by our rescuers," he said.

According to him, in the village of Mikhailivka, the administration building of the village council and the school building were destroyed.

The prosecutor's office launched a pre-trial investigation into the violation of laws and customs of war combined with premeditated murder.


As OBOZREVATEL reported:

- On May 15, the enemy launched a rocket attack on a hospital in Avdiivka. Four people were killed.

- The Ukrainian armed forces earlier announced plans to completely evacuate civilians from Avdiivka, but local authorities are confident that this is impossible because civilians refuse to leave the city.

- On the night of May 23, the occupants attacked Ukraine with drones. Air defense forces shot down "shahedas" and "merlins" in Mykolaiv and Kherson regions.

- The day before, the enemy hit Sumy region with rockets, artillery and mortars. Eighty explosions were recorded in the region.

- Also the enemy struck Izyum and Kupyansk in Kharkiv region, a 10-year-old child and two women were wounded. And in Stanislav in Kherson region the occupants killed a man.

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