The Netherlands will hand over all its F-16s to Ukraine, except for training ones: when will it happen

This country is known to many because of the so-called ''Dutch referendum''

The Netherlands has agreed to transfer all of its F-16s to Ukraine. However, except for those that will be used for training of Ukrainian pilots.

This was stated by Dutch Defence Minister Keesu Ollongren. She visited Kyiv this week. As you know, the Netherlands is one of the European countries that changed their attitude towards Ukraine dramatically during the Great War.

"On the part of the Netherlands, we need all the preconditions to be fulfilled first. Namely, that the crews are trained, that we understand that the infrastructure is ready, and that we have not only aircraft but also spare parts. We need the necessary weapons for them... Given this, we are realistic about next year; when Denmark will hand over the aircraft, they will decide for themselves. But everyone now wants it to happen as soon as possible so that we can strengthen Ukraine's air defence," the minister said.

According to her, the Netherlands can provide Ukraine with all fighters, except for training ones.

"We have 42 aircraft in total, but some of them will be used for training," the official said.

Many people know this country because of the so-called "Dutch referendum". It was the referendum that almost suspended the Association Agreement.

The Netherlands was generally sceptical about Kyiv's integration into pan-European structures, but the country suddenly became one of the main donors to the Ukrainian Armed Forces and a supporter of Ukraine's accession to the EU.

This support came from the clearly pro-Ukrainian government of Mark Rutte, which managed to decide to provide Ukraine with Dutch F-16 fighter jets.

However, now Rutte's government is resigning and elections will be held in autumn. Will this break all the agreements, including the transfer of the aircraft?

As OBOZREVATEL previously reported, Ukraine has reached a "breakthrough agreement" on F-16 fighter jets. They will be in the Ukrainian sky.

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