The Netherlands to assemble Patriot system for Ukraine as soon as possible: what is known

Patriot launcher
Patriot launcher. Illustrative photo. Source: Noam Wind/Defense Ministry Archive

The Netherlands wants to provide Ukraine with an additional Patriot air and missile defense system. For this purpose, they will allocate the main components from their own stocks and call on European countries to join.

The press service of the Dutch Ministry of Defense announced this on its official website on May 28. The government has already identified which countries could potentially provide Patriot parts and ammunition for Ukrainian air defense. Defense Minister Kajsa Ollongren called on allies to contribute.

"We are negotiating with countries on the assembly of the Patriot system, as well as on training Ukrainian crews. With our proposal, and if other potential partner countries can supply parts and ammunition, we will be able to provide Ukraine with at least one complete system in the short term," Ollongren expects.

The Dutch government is aware of the lack of air defence systems in Ukraine, but it is also fighting for Europe, with its military capabilities, energy production and vital infrastructure being under attack every day.

"The NATO Secretary-General recently said that as an alliance we can temporarily fall below the minimum requirements for our defense capabilities. So there is room for creativity," the Defense Minister explained.

Her department expects the defense industry to speed up the production and supply of spare components.

As reported, the Spanish government recently decided to send another package of military aid to Ukraine. It will include missiles for Patriot anti-aircraft missile systems and Leopard 2A4 tanks. The total amount is $1 billion 230 million.

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