"The enemy has no strike groups": Sumy RMA head on the possible Russian offensive

Volodymyr Artyukh

The Russian invaders currently have no strike groups to carry out offensive actions in the Sumy region. However, the Sumy Region Defense Forces are "ready for any challenge."

This is what the head of the Regional Military Administration Volodymyr Artiukh said. According to him, the rumors about a possible offensive are a special operation of the Russians "to propagate fear."

"An expanded meeting of the Defense Council of the Sumy region has just taken place, which was attended by the leadership of the Security and Defense Forces of our country. A detailed assessment of the situation on the border, on the line of contact, was made regarding the readiness of the respective defensive borders, the readiness of the security and defense forces for possible enemy actions in the Sumy direction," Artiukh said.

He emphasized that the Security and Defense Forces of the Sumy region are ready for any challenges. And this has already been tested by the leadership.

"Our readiness was checked by the relevant leadership. Appropriate measures have been planned to improve and increase the readiness of the defense borders. Evacuation measures from the border communities and settlements are also ongoing, as well as their timeliness and provision with appropriate material and technical means," he added.

Regarding the energy security of the region, the head of the Sumy Regional Military Administration noted that Sumy region suffers from a shortage of electricity, like all others. There are schedules of hourly blackouts in the region. Also, the region has deployed Points of Invincibility, which are prepared and provided emergency power sources for operation.

As reported earlier, the Ukrainian Defense Forces recorded an increase in the activity of sabotage and reconnaissance groups of the Russian occupation forces in the Sumy region. Their main goal is to reconnoiter how the defense is built and the locations of the Armed Forces. Border guards believe that the enemy is constantly trying to conduct sabotage activities in this area.

Border guards also do not rule out that Russia may launch an offensive in the Sumy region after Kharkiv. The occupiers may take this step to distract Ukrainian forces from other areas.

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