The enemy did not go "according to plan": footage of Ukrainian Armed Forces soldiers thwarting the occupiers' assault with "jewelry" shots has appeared. Video.

Ukrainian Armed Forces soldiers thwarted the occupiers' assault with "jewelry" shots

The network showed footage of the destruction of an enemy tank and two armored personnel carriers by soldiers of the 14th separate mechanized brigade named after Prince Roman the Great. The enemy tried to storm the positions of the defenders, but the plans were foiled.

The spectacular video was posted on the brigade's Facebook page. The enemy armored vehicles were spotted by aerial reconnaissance.

The military worked on the first armored personnel carrier with Javelin ATGMs. The second one decided to take a shortcut and hit an anti-tank mine. After that, the crew of the Russian tank realized that the offensive was thwarted and tried to escape. But in the end, our fighters also hit it with Javelin.

As a reminder, Ukrainian defenders destroyed an electronic warfare station, the Murom-M observation complex and the enemy's field fuel and lubricant depot. After the work of Ukrainian artillerymen, thick smoke rose at the enemy's locations.

As reported by OBOZ.UA:

- Soldiers of the 3rd separate regiment of the Special Forces in Donetsk region destroyed a Russian ZALA drone with the crew and transport. The occupiers were going to launch their scrap against Ukrainians, but our M-142 HIMARS was ahead of them.

- The Ukrainian Defense Forces destroyed a 2C3 Acacia self-propelled howitzer of the Russian army at the front , which the occupiers protected with a "grill" - a grill welded on top. Russians use such protection for military equipment so that it cannot be destroyed by a drone or a shell dropped from above.

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