The DIU received lists of people whom Russia wants to involve in the Maidan-3 operation: Yusov explains what the enemy is planning

DIU announces lists of people with whom Russia is already working to involve in Maidan-3 special operation

The Main Intelligence Directorate of the Ministry of Defense of Ukraine has received lists of people whom Moscow wants to involve in its operation aimed at undermining the socio-political situation in our country. The operation is called "Maidan-3," and the lists of potential Kremlin agents include dozens of influential people in Ukraine.

This was reported by the representative of the GUR Andrii Yusov on the air of Radio Liberty. According to him, the Russian special services are currently creating various tools to carry out their anti-Ukrainian operation and are working with people who are planning to be involved in it.

"I cannot name specific names now. There are lists of people whom the enemy is working on, and there is a task to involve them to spread their rhetoric and influence the socio-political situation in the country. These are dozens of people if we are talking about influential categories," Yusov said.

To promote Russian narratives and undermine the situation in Ukraine, the enemy is massively buying and creating new Telegram channels, as well as bot farms that amplify Russian rhetoric on social media.

"Right now, the enemy is actively purchasing various tools – from Telegram channels, pages in various social networks, and access to opinion leaders. Every time we hear such narratives that undermine our country from within, that delegitimize state decision-making, we will understand who these narratives are working for," Yusov said.

As for the name of the Maidan-3 operation, it is not accidental. The practice of naming anti-Ukrainian events with Ukrainian words is widespread in Russia and dates back to the Soviet special services. And since the word "Maidan" is a threat to the Putin regime, it is used to denigrate and level it, turning everything upside down.

"This name was given in Russia. And this is not the first time. Even the Soviet secret services, and later the Russian secret services, used beautiful Ukrainian or foreign words to describe outright anti-Ukrainian events and xenophobic activities, both in Ukraine and abroad. Yes, for them, the Maidan is a threat, so they use this terminology to turn everything upside down. If we recall, many of the NKVD's operations against the UPA, OUN, and the Ukrainian underground were called beautiful Ukrainian euphonious words," Yusov said.

As reported by OBOZ.UA, President Volodymyr Zelenskyi said in a commentary to Bloomberg that the ultimate goal of Moscow's Maidan-3 operation is to remove the current political authorities. He confirmed that Ukrainian intelligence has data on Russia's disinformation campaign.

The Intelligence Committee under the President of Ukraine said that Russia is conducting the most expensive information operation in the history of its special services, the Maidan-3 operation, designed to demoralize Ukrainians and sow panic among the population, distract the world's attention from the ongoing war and undermine international support for our country. The operation began in the fall of 2023 and will culminate in March-May of this year.

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