The Czech Republic has started issuing licenses for the supply of military equipment and weapons to Ukraine: what does it mean

Czech Republic to grant licenses for supply of military materials to Ukraine

The Czech Republic has stated that there is "not much equipment" left in the country's warehouses that the state could transfer to Ukraine to help fight a full-scale Russian invasion. However, Prague is actively applying for export licenses for military materials.

This was stated by the head of the Czech Ministry of Defense, Jana Černohová, on Sunday, November 26, as quoted by Radio Prague International.

As the minister explained, thanks to these licenses, military equipment and shells continue to be transferred to Ukraine through private companies and donors.

At the same time, the stock of weapons for the Ukrainian army is almost exhausted in army warehouses.

According to her, the country has free production capacity to produce the types of weapons that the Ukrainian army needs and that private companies and partners abroad know about. In particular, fifty infantry fighting vehicles, 2,500 pistols, 7,000 assault rifles, 500 handguns and 500 rifles were sent through the Czech Republic with Danish money.

Chernokhova added that in 2023, more than four thousand servicemen of the Armed Forces of Ukraine underwent military training with Czech instructors. The training took place in Poland and the Czech Republic. The minister added that the state will continue to support Kyiv in its fight against the invasion of Russian troops and provide the country with similar assistance.

As reported by OBOZ.UA, Slovakia and the Czech Republic raised 400 thousand euros for a Black Hawk helicopter for the Defense Intelligence of Ukraine in 7 days. The total cost of the aircraft is about 4.3 million euros. As soon as the required amount is raised, the Black Hawk will be delivered to Ukrainian intelligence officers.

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