"The constitution allows it": MP says seizing cars will not violate human rights

Seizure of cars from citizens during martial law is possible

Although it is quite possible to confiscate cars from Ukrainian citizens during martial law, passenger cars will not be taken away for the needs of the army. The procedure added to the draft law No. 10449 on mobilization in Ukraine does not contradict the Constitution as it concerns only specific vehicles.

This is how Fedir Venislavskyi, a representative of the Committee on National Security, Defense and Intelligence, responded to an OBOZ.UA question. According to him, "there is no problem with this."

"The Constitution of Ukraine allows for the restriction of human and civil rights. In particular, I would like to emphasize that in matters of ownership and use, disposal of their property, the state may restrict this right under martial law. This rule, by and large, exists in the current law on mobilization, which provides for the possibility of mobilizing vehicles of enterprises, organizations and citizens," Venislavskyi said.

However, the MP emphasized that this is about either temporary seizure or irrevocable seizure and with compensation for the cost of these vehicles.

"In this law, we have specified that if a vehicle is the only source of livelihood for a person, it cannot be seized. It also provides that there should not be a situation where a person has only one vehicle and it can be seized, this will not happen. But if there are more vehicles than one and if they can potentially be adapted to fulfill the tasks of the security and defense sector, they can be seized," Venislavskyi explained.

The MP clarified that this refers to specific vehicles only.

"That is, an ordinary car is definitely not needed for the Armed Forces. We are talking about trucks for the transportation of ammunition, personnel, special equipment that can provide or carry out engineering support for the Armed Forces. And off-road vehicles, which can also help in performing certain tasks in off-road conditions. Passenger vehicles are not exactly needed for such purposes. Therefore, no one will confiscate ordinary passenger cars owned by citizens," the MP reassured.

In his opinion, "90% of citizens should definitely not worry about these provisions" in the new draft law on mobilization.

As previously reported, the import of cars for the military to Ukraine is planned to be simplified. To do this, the import of such cars at the expense of the state budget is going to be temporarily exempted from value added tax, customs duty and excise.

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